Supplying equipment

«Project Med LLC» also provides supply of a heavy medical equipment, including diagnostic tools:

- MRI scanners – open or close magnetic resonance imaging scanners with a gradient magnetic field from 1 to 7 T and either a short or a wide tunnel with standard of wide aperture and maximum weight load of 250 kg or more.  

- CT scanners – 16 to 265-slice computer tomography scanners with maximum weight load of 250 kg or more and low radiation exposure  (Low Doze Mode); 

- PET- CT scanners – positron emission tomography scanners with high resolving power for oncology detection; 

- Ultrasound scanners – multi- purpose ultrasound equipment of either expert or standard class with any set of probes; 

- Digital Х-ray devices of any type

- Digital mammography devices providing an ability to aspirate material (biopsy).

Our team helps our Customers and Partners to organize and conduct clear tender processes, that allows them to get the most profitable  propositions from world’s best equipment distributors such as Siemens, General Electric, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, Giotto, Italray, Mindray and others. 

Besides diagnostic equipment, we are able to organize and hold a tender for other heavy medical equipment , such as: 

- Linear accelerators Varian or Electa; 

- Cyclotron and radiochemistry equipment

Having a long experience and a deep understanding of equipment supply market, our team is able to provide highly effective processes of holding a tender for any heavy medical equipment and to get the most profitable propositions on the market according to the current tendencies and currency rate. 

Contact us and we will gladly explain you in all the details how our team can help you to conduct a clear tender process for heavy medical equipment supply! 


Obtaining license for medical practice

Every activity involving healthcare delivery regardless of its complexity has to be licensed. Procedure of medical licensing is regulated by The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation or state authorities of a constituent entity (for example, for Moscow it is Health Department) according to the Federal Law No 99 issued on 04.05.2011. Public health service is one of the most responsible areas; therefore, every direction has to be licensed.   

«Project Med LLC» provides help in obtaining license for every type of medical and clinical affairs, for eхample: 

- Paramedical care; 

- Ambulatory care; 

- Primary health care; 

- Prenatal, postnatal and perinatal healthcare; 

- Specialized medical care; 

- Hospital (secondary) care; 

- Emergency services and Specialized Emergency Services (including aviation medicine); 

- High-tech medical care; 

- Sanatorium care. 


To obtain license for medical practice you are to provide to the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare an application form along with: 

- constituent documents, including Constitution and Certificate of formation; 

- copy of official registration certificate; 

- copy of tax registration certificate; 

- state register extract; 

- documents on rooms utilized ( copy of a rental or sublease contract,  copy of certificate of ownership); 

- protocol of sanitary and healthcare inspection; 

- permissive documents for medical equipment usage; 

- copy of a document confirming payment of State duty; 

- academic certificates of a medical director and staff. 


To obtain license for a medical practice a medical director should match the following features: 

- Possess a room and equipment needed to provide health care services; 

- Have a graduate medical education and length of experience in the field not less than 5 years 

- Hire subspecialists with higher medical education or secondary medical school, able to provide registered services; 

- Follows sanitation standards and correspond to medical technologies, set by the laws of Russian federation; 

- Provide adequate level of quality control; 

- Hire specialist able to operate medical equipment in time or have a contract with relevant organization, able to provide this service; 

- Maintain accounting record and final documents. 


Procedure of obtaining license for medical practice includes document review, carrying out an expert examination and making a decision on licensing. 

«Project Med LLC» provides professional help in licensing in Moscow and Moscow Region.  Our team will help you to obtain license for medical practice according to law requirements within a very short time.

Другие проекты

Managing the SOVA group of companies
City – Saratov, Volgograd, Voronezh
Floor area – 12000 m2


M&A deal, “Academicheskaya” clinic
City – Volgograd
Floor area – 2000 m2


City – Kaliningrad

Floor area – 45 800 m2

Financial modeling of investment project

City – Moscow

Floor area – 8000 m2

Construction of the business plan, development of the medical concept, financial feasibility study of the project

City – Moscow

Floor area – 800 m2

Investment memorandum issue

City – Perm

Floor area – 12 000 m2

Pre-investment analysis of regional medical asset

City - Kirov

Implementation of "Light" group of companies top managers motivation system 

How long does it take to construct a business plan and develop a medical conception?
Usually this stage takes from 2 weeks to 1,5 months. At this stage it is necessary to establish all resources to provide highly-efficient resource utilization. Also we are to answer the most important questions – what building do we have at the moment or what building do we have to construct, how to efficiently supply it with medical equipment, what are the community needs of an area or a city residents, why should we construct precisely this clinic, what equipment are we to provide, and how expensive will the project be and when will it pay off.
Does the price depend on a floor area?
Capital expenses directly depend on the floor area of the clinic being constructed. Cost of installation and construction work is directly correlated to a floor area, while capital expenses for medical equipment supply do not directly depend on a floor area and is mostly correlated with the medical conception of a project and medical services provided.
Do you provide “turnkey” design and construction
Turnkey approach proves to be more appropriate in terms of time and resources saving. We provide overall management of a project from the very beginning till the very end. All the processes smoothly follow or range with each other- from the development of a medical conception to issuance of working documentation and completion of installation and construction exactly according to developed project. Project administration is always highly centralized, that allows us to guarantee high accountability of a project.
Do you provide medical equipment supply?
On a Customer's request, we provide supply, search and selection of any medical equipment. Our team is very experienced in the area of equipment supply– starting from simple medical equipment (such as defibrillators), to modern hi-tech equipment (such as MRI and CT scanners and even linear accelerators).
In what cities are you able to run projects?
We are capable of managing and constructing a medical clinic in any Russian city. Moreover our team is qualified to run several projects in different Russian cities at the same time.

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