Constructing a business plan and developing a medical concept

“Project Med” LLC provides a full range of services in creating medical projects, starting from a business plan construction to a turnkey project management. For your convenience, our company offers a wide range of services to implement your investment ideas. We are ready to assist you from a business plan construction to placing a complete object into operations. 

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of a private medical industry in Moscow and Russia, full understanding of current and future trends, therefore we are able to help our clients to create an investment appeal medical business in a short term period. Due to the fact that we have already created a lot of efficient business models, our help in a clinic development will be highly useful on every step.   

Our team specializes in supporting clients with: 

1) Generating business ideas and developing a medical concept – the starting point of every project. 

2) ​Investment Design Management of medical institutions (clinics) – business planning, financial modeling and creating investment memorandum. 

3) Medical project development – phase of projecting and working with operating documentation. 

4) Designing your medical practice – brand shaping, depending on a target audience and other key factors.  

5) Construction and repair, supply of equipment – actual establishment of a clinic and provision with medical equipment. 

6) Turnkey project management -  in case Customer requires complete project management. 

7) Obtaining license for a medical practice – implementation of actions aimed at obtaining approval documents for a clinic. 

8) Improving cost-effectiveness of a clinic - increasing Revenue and EBITDA of a company. 

9) Raising equity or debt financing for project implementation, purchasing and/or joining with other companies (M&A deals) for and on behalf of Customer’s authorization. 

Project starts from generating a business idea, which has to be well-conceived and formed into investment memorandum or a business plan accompanied by financial modeling. Medical conceptions plays a key role in clinic establishment. We are well aware how to form a medical concept and obtain all the documents needed for further project realization. Our team is ready to provide with suggestions, guidance and recommendations in all Russian cities.  

Construction of a business plan and developing of a medical concept usually takes from 1 up to 2 month. 

Get in touch with us and we will help to bring your idea to life in a short period of time! 

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How long does it take to construct a business plan and develop a medical conception?
Usually this stage takes from 2 weeks to 1,5 months. At this stage it is necessary to establish all resources to provide highly-efficient resource utilization. Also we are to answer the most important questions – what building do we have at the moment or what building do we have to construct, how to efficiently supply it with medical equipment, what are the community needs of an area or a city residents, why should we construct precisely this clinic, what equipment are we to provide, and how expensive will the project be and when will it pay off.
Does the price depend on a floor area?
Capital expenses directly depend on the floor area of the clinic being constructed. Cost of installation and construction work is directly correlated to a floor area, while capital expenses for medical equipment supply do not directly depend on a floor area and is mostly correlated with the medical conception of a project and medical services provided.
Do you provide “turnkey” design and construction
Turnkey approach proves to be more appropriate in terms of time and resources saving. We provide overall management of a project from the very beginning till the very end. All the processes smoothly follow or range with each other- from the development of a medical conception to issuance of working documentation and completion of installation and construction exactly according to developed project. Project administration is always highly centralized, that allows us to guarantee high accountability of a project.
Do you provide medical equipment supply?
On a Customer's request, we provide supply, search and selection of any medical equipment. Our team is very experienced in the area of equipment supply– starting from simple medical equipment (such as defibrillators), to modern hi-tech equipment (such as MRI and CT scanners and even linear accelerators).
In what cities are you able to run projects?
We are capable of managing and constructing a medical clinic in any Russian city. Moreover our team is qualified to run several projects in different Russian cities at the same time.

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